2016 – 2017 Faith Preschool Staff


2015 – 2016 Faith Preschool Staff


Beverly Sims

Preschool Director

Faith Preschool has been extremely blessed to have Beverly on staff for over 32 years. She currently serves as Preschool Director and has previously taught 3 year olds in the classroom.

Beverly is married to Dean Sims and together they have 3 wonderful children, 5 grandsons and a grandaughter! Chad is a firefighter and is married to Gretchen and are the proud parents of Oakley and Piper. Their daughter Lindsay is a Real Estate agent and is married to Brian, a detective with the Leon County Sheriff’s Dept. Lindsay and Brian are the proud parents of Bo and Fisher. Julie, their youngest daughter and her husband Justin, a firefighter, are the proud parents of Hunter and Mason!

“I love my job, my family and friends. I feel that God led me to be here at Faith when I was a young mom looking for a great preschool for my own children when they were small. This was it! I enjoy life as a breast cancer survivor and count it all JOY each and everyday!” – Beverly Sims

“Faith, Family & Friends is what we are all about!!”

Kylie Cooke

Music Teacher

We are excited to have Kylie on our Preschool Staff !! We are so lucky that she has come on board and the children love her enthusiasm and love of music.
Kylie is a newlywed and is married to a former Faith Preschool student – Quinn! What a joy and fresh perspective she brings to the children and our school each day…

Sandy Hartsfield

Administrative Assistant

Sandy has been a member of the Faith Preschool staff for over 16 years. Sandy was an assistant teacher in the three year old classroom for 8 years before moving to the office. Sandy is is the cog that makes the preschool office run so smoothly! She always has a smile on her face.
Sandy is married to Richard Hartsfield and they are the proud parents of 4 wonderful children. Lindsey, Steven, Brian and Andrew. Sandy and Richard have four grandsons, Barrett, Wilson, Hampton and Hayes!

“I want to do all that I can to keep the Preschool office running smoothly and happily.” – Sandy Hartsfield

2 Year Old Teachers

Allison Van IddeKinge

Assistant Teacher

We are excited to have Allison on the staff of Faith. She is a former Faith parent, former substitute and a current church member.
Allison is working in our two year old program as an assistant teacher with Marcia Pearson. Allison’s children – Aiden and Gretchen are former Faith students.

Heather Phillips

Assistant Teacher

We are so fortunate to have Heather as a member of our 2 year old teaching staff of our Faith Family! Heather is a former substitute and Faith parent. Heather works closely with Jessica Browning in our 2 year old program.
Heather and her husband, Nathan, have 4 wonderful children – all former Faith students.

Jessica Browning

Lead Teacher

Faith Preschool welcomes Jessica as our new 2 year old lead teacher! She brings years of Early Childhood experience to the classroom and loves working with the smallest angels here at Faith.
Jessica has 2 boys, Peter & Harry, both at Faith Preschool this year.
Faith is lucky to have Jessica!!

Marcia Pearson

Lead Teacher

Marcia has been a member of the Preschool Staff for over 17 years! She has been an assistant in the 3 year old classroom, the Pre-K classroom and is currently one of our 2 year old teachers. Marcia brings a lot of dance, song and the love of being at school to her classroom. Marcia and her husband of 49 years, Jerry, have 3 sons and 10 grandchildren.
Marcia would like for all of her children to feel safe and secure at Faith and to know that they are part of a big family. She wants her families to know that she is available to them to help with any concerns that they may have. Marcia wants to share God’s love with each child and family!

3 Year Old Teachers

Gaynell Larkin

Assistant Teacher

Gaynell is a longtime member of our Faith Preschool staff. She has served many rolls through the years and is currently serving as an assistant teacher in the 3 year old program and as the preschool’s supply coordinator and our new Stay-n-Play extended day program.
Gaynell and her husband, Jep, have two children – Garrett and Ally – both former Faith students.
We are so fortunate to have Gaynell as part of our Preschool Staff.

Kati Fannin

Assistant Teacher

Faith welcomes Kati for the 2017-2018 school year! Kati will be assisting Molly Williams in the three year old classroom.
Kati is a former Faith Preschool student and has an Early Childhood/Elementary School background. Kati also has been a substitute at Faith and is loved by all!
We welcome Kati to the staff and school this year!

Molly Williams

Lead Teacher

Molly has been a teacher at Faith for 16 years. Molly is one of our 3 year old teachers. She has been an assistant in the 2 yr and 3 yr old classroom and she was an assistant in our Kindergarten for many years. Molly and her husband, Burton, have 2 children – Tucker and Maddie – both Faith alumni! Molly would like to see the children in her class learn their academics and all about our world while having fun. Fun through learning … learning through fun!!

Morgan Durham

Lead Teacher

After teaching in the public school system for 10 years – Morgan has come to Faith to teach our 3 year olds. We are so happy to have her as a member of our Faith family!
Morgan and her husband Brian, have 3 children: Chloe, Braxton and William.
Morgan’s goal: ” We want all of our students to learn through discovery and exploration and to feel happy and safe at school each and every day!!”

Pre-K Teachers

Krissie Inserra

Assistant Teacher

We are extremely fortunate to have Krissie on our Faith teaching staff! She is not only an assistant in the Pre-K classroom, she also serves as our Chapel/Program accompanist.
Krissie and her husband, Dean, have 2 sons: Tommy and Ty ( former Faith students) and Sally Ashlyn – a bouncy 2 year old student at Faith!
Krissie’s goal for this year is to help the students prepare for Kindergarten and beyond – not only academically but through enriching and enjoyable experiences.
” I am so excited about this year and can’t wait to get to know the Faith Preschool families!”

Lark Mott-Smith

Lead Teacher

Lark has been a Pre-K teacher at Faith Preschool for nearly 35 years!!! WOW!! She and her husband Marshall have 3 children – Ian, Trevor and Claire – ALL Faith Kindergarten graduates! Lark has 6 grandchildren – Gavin, Myles & Saige ( all Faith attendees), Ansley, Layla & Star. Her number one goal is to know that each child and family has a happy , successful and positive school year. She meets each child where they are in their development and facilitate them to grow by building on their own strengths.

Mary Kent McDaniel

Lead Teacher

Faith Preschool is excited that Mary Kent is a member of our VPK teaching team! We are so fortunate to have her on our staff.
Mary Kent works with Tracy Williams in one of the three VPK classes as the lead teacher. She brings an abundance of experience and enthusiasm and a special love of teaching to our school.

Rebecca Roberts

Assistant Teacher

Rebecca is in her 6th year at Faith as an assistant PreK teacher. She and her husband, Randy, have 2 very happy and active boys – Will and Sam. Sam is a former Faith student. Rebecca’s hope for the children is that they have fun and enjoy the art experiences that are presented in the classroom!

Tracy Williams

Assistant Teacher

We are excited to have Tracy as a member of our PreK team! As a former preschool parent, substitute and volunteer, we are very fortunate to have her join our staff.
Tracy will be serving as an assistant teacher to Mary Kent McDaniel in PreK.
Tracy and her husband Steve have two children, Tristan and Avery, both former Faith students.

Vicki Fannin

Lead Teacher

Vicki has been a member of the Faith Preschool staff for 20 years. She taught 3 yr olds for 12 years and is currently one of the Pre-K teachers. Vicki was a preschool parent before coming on the staff. She and her husband, Dave, have 2 daughters – Kami and Kati ( a former Faith Preschool student). Vicki’s goals for the children are to feel loved and feel special while preparing them for Kindergarten – but most importantly – have an awesome time while doing it!!

Kindergarten Teachers

Beth Christiansen

Assistant Teacher

Beth is in her 10th year here at Faith Preschool. She and her loving husband, Matt have 2 beautiful daughters – Lindsey and Lauren. Beth loves the Faith families and loves helping the children to learn and grow. Beth’s goals for the year are to welcome every child with love and compassion and instill a love of learning!

Teresa Hamrick

Lead Teacher

Faith Preschool welcomes Teresa as our Kindergarten teacher for the 2017-2018 school year! We are thrilled that she has joined our staff.
Teresa brings years of Early Childhood experience to the classroom. We are fortunate to have her in the classroom working with Beth Christiansen to guide our sweet little kindergarteners!