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Faith Preschool is proud of it’s participation in many communtiy outreach projects. Our staff, parents and students are always willing to help the community any way that we can. Giving back to others is a passion shared throughout Faith Preschool. The preschool contributes annually and participates in activities that encourage community giving and a spirit of reaching out to help others.


Trunk or Treat

Halloween finds our school participating in a “Trunk or Treat” event. Our teachers decorate their trunks and fill them with candy and pass out special treats to the many trick-or-treaters that come to have a fun and safe Halloween experience.

Thanksgiving Baskets

At Thanksgiving our students bring in food for the Thanksgiving Baskets that the members of Faith Presbyterian Church put together and deliver to families in need of a nice Thanksgiving meal. What a wonderful lesson in giving the children receive!


Angel Tree

Each year at Christmas our school adopts a family from the Angel Tree Families of the Big Bend. The families of Faith Preschool are so generous and the chosen families are always provided with an especially wonderful holiday.

Other Activities

Other activities that the Preschool has participated in are:  Habitat for Humanity, helping Hurricane Katrina victims, American Cancer Society, Donations to St. Jude, providing meals for our Preschool families experiencing a need, Hats from the Heart drive for breast cancer victims and helping our local fire prevention and law enforcement agencies. 


The Preschool children have even participated in a Hop-a-thon and a Trike-a-thon where they hopped and rode tricycles for pennies to help support preschool children from our own school and families. The Hop-a-thon and Trike-a-thon sponsored by the preschool raised over $3,000 to go towards cancer research and to help families undergoing chemotherapy and treatment for cancer.


Our Preschool was delighted to volunteer when Extreme Home Makeover came to Tallahassee. One of our own Preschool families was the builder of the new home for the deserving family.


We are proud of our families and their willingness to give and reach out to our community.

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