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Ansley’s Brick

The Faith Preschool family lost a member of it’s alumni in the Spring of 2015.  We lost our sweet Ansley Rayborn.  Ansley was the middle daughter of Sean and Christi Rayborn and attended our program as a sweet 2 year old, terrific 3 year old and a marvelous pre-kindergartener.  She brightened the halls of the Preschool, the classrooms and our playground on a daily basis.  As a tribute to that sweet and loving smile that we all remember so well, the Preschool has placed an engraved brick at the flagpole in front of the Preschool office.

We invite everyone to visit the flagpole area and take a look at all of the bricks that have been placed there in honor of the many people that have made a lasting impression on our Preschool Family!!


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