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Director’s Message

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September                          Tisket N Taskets Newsletter                                    2019              

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for a great first month of school and for the continued support and encouragement that is so affirming to me and the entire staff. Each and every family is extra special to our school & my door is always open to serve you as the preschool director. I hope to personally talk to and get to know every student, parent and family by the end of September to tell you how thankful we are to have your child in our program. If by chance I miss you, please drop by the preschool office at any time. A large part of the first month of school is focused on developing trusting and helpful relationships that provide for the best chance of success for each and every child at our school.

At Faith Preschool & Kindergarten we begin each chapel program by standing and singing our Faith Preschool Song. It warmed my heart to receive a video from a preschool parent with her children in the back seat of their car singing the Faith Preschool song on the way to preschool that morning. Click the link & enjoy the attached video.

      Our Faith Preschool Song says it best!

Be kind to each Other and love one another as you go on your way.

Sharing time with a friend is the best way to spend it.

Be kind to each other today. A cheerful word, a friendly smile

mean more than words can say.

Be kind to each other and love one another

and make this a Faith Preschool Day!

Connecting with families is so important to us and to the children. It is always a top priority to me. As we begin our second month of school, teachers, children and families enter into new, and comfortable relationships. Communication, observation and interaction provides the insight into our children’s strengths, challenges, interests, developmental abilities, temperament, and problem solving skills. This connection and understanding helps to guide us in our program planning. Communication and reflection by teachers and families together, contribute to a strong, solid learning environment and forms the basis for teachable moments through PLAY and ongoing curriculum development that is successful and rewarding for our little ones.

Thank you parents and teachers for your partnership in helping us provide this strong and solid foundation for success with the children. We are forever blessed in this preschool ministry that we share together. We look forward to seeing all of our moms and dads at our Parent Night scheduled for September 17, 2019, Tuesday night at 7:00 pm. We will begin with a short video presentation of the children and the special things they have been doing at school.


Beverly Sims, School Director

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