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Faith Preschool Vision Statement

Faith Presbyterian Church Preschool


The Preschool Board led a visioning exercise in 2019 to establish a five-year vision statement for the Preschool and the new Director.  Between 2020 and 2025, the Preschool should:

1)      Continue the Preschool’s current excellence in curriculum, teaching and NAEYC accreditation that requires specific qualifications and training in early childhood for all staff and teachers.

2)      Maintain the Preschool’s current philosophy focusing on early childhood education that teaches to the whole child through play and early childhood best practices.

3)      Partner with the Church to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to improve all aspects of the building facilities and playgrounds to reflect early childhood best practices.

4)      Increase need-based, diversity, and foster family scholarships for students. Scholarships would be offered in accordance with established guidelines and expectations using eligible funds from School Readiness, Step Up For Students, designated scholarships from the preschool operating budget and additional fundraising by the Church and Preschool. Encourage and support scholarship families, in partnership with the Church.

5)     Propose a task force of the Church and Preschool to explore expansion of a summer program, with a review to include: a business plan, financial feasibility, estimated number of students, staffing including sexton use, and location.


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