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Preschool News – October

More Preschool News!

Hello parents,

This is an additional newsletter supplement because we have so many wonderful and exciting things happening at the preschool.

Director Search Committee

The Director Search Committee (DSC) met last week and will meet again this Thursday night to finalize the job description for the director position. I will send that to you as soon as we have it, so that you can begin to spread the word to anyone that may be interested in applying for the position to lead this wonderful preschool ministry. Interviews are expected to begin in late January.

A special thanks to the (DSC) committee for the fantastic work they are doing to continue the high quality standards for early childhood education at Faith Preschool & Kindergarten. The committee is led by Faith Preschool dad and church member, Greg Black along with one of our vpk teachers, Vicki Fannin. The committee members are Brad Clayton, Ginny Dailey, Beth Christiansen, Beverly Sims, Sandy Hartsfield, Carol McDaniel, Anne- Elizabeth Williams, Will Armistead, and Ruth Reynolds. Feel free to contact any of them if you have any questions.

Parade of Costumes

The PARADE OF COSTUMES is COMING SOON on Wednesday morning 10/30 for the 3 & 5 day classes and Thursday morning 10/31 for all 2 day classes at 9:00 a.m. in the courtyard area by the gazebo & church sanctuary. You don’t want to miss this special time as the preschoolers and kindergarten class parade around the courtyard dressed in their costumes. Grandparents, relatives and friends are welcome!

Please join us at Chapel on Wednesday, October 23rd for a special story, “The Pumpkin Prayer” presented by Mrs. Fannin and Mrs. Roberts’ VPK class. The October birthdays will also be celebrated this day.

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat will begin at 5:30 on Friday, October 25th on the church grounds. Please send in a bag of candy to the preschool office to help us out as we will be giving out candy to all of our trunk or treaters. The “Stay n Play” extended program will end at 4:00 on this day to prepare for Trunk or Treat.

We still need volunteers in the pumpkin patch. If you’d like to help please contact Mary Steen at

Fundraising Committee

Faith Preschool has a newly formed fundraising committee that will meet annually to discuss fundraising options needed to raise additional funds to help the preschool with updates and scholarships. A special thanks to Michele Kiker, Paige McKee, Gaynell Larkin and Ginny Dailey for their hard work. If you’d like to help with fundraising please let us know. Our fundraisers scheduled for this school year are the Lucky Goat coffee fundraiser on February 5,2020, a Trike-A-thon on March 11th and our annual Family Fun Night on April 2nd. We always look forward to the fellowship and fun with our preschool children and families at these fun filled events.


Our most recent DCF inspection went really well with no violations or concerns. Safety is always our first priority so the preschool is updating the safety and security at Faith Preschool. We are having a new security door and video camera installed at the main entrance by the preschool office. (Further reading: How does IP cameras work?) The door will remained locked all day except for 10 minutes at drop off time and 10 minutes at pick up time. We are hoping to have the door installed by October 28th.

Partners in Prayer

Coming Soon! In partnership with Faith Presbyterian Church we would like to begin a prayer circle for our preschool families, teachers and friends to pray for each other. There is a prayer box in the preschool office for you to request prayers for anyone you know that may need a special prayer, spiritual hug or just someone  thinking of them in their prayers. We are planning a special time when we can meet together with Trinity, our associate pastor, maybe once or twice a month to pray together in addition to praying daily in the classrooms and during chapel time. We will give you more details soon, but the prayer box is available now in the preschool office.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy this fall weather!

With Abundant Blessings,

Beverly Sims

School Director

Faith Preschool & Kindergarten

2200 N. Meridian Road

Tallahassee, Fl  32303

(850) 385-0725


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