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Preschool Update 3/27


Dear Parents,

Our parents really are SHINING and rising to the top as teachers of young children. Thank you! YOU are doing a great job of facilitating activities for your child and I have really enjoyed receiving your photos, videos and kind comments, so keep them coming. The teachers and classes have set up ways to share your teachable moments. I understand that it is working well, but let me know if I can help in any way. We want all families to feel included. I know you love and enjoy the videos from your child’s teachers, but I also encourage PLAY as much as possible. Lots of outdoor activities count as an important part of the curriculum as well. Now that you have set the classroom stage at home, you can relax some and just continue to love and support your child in any way possible.

A special thanks to our teachers for the creative ways they have worked as a team throughout the planning process and the supportive ways that we are connecting as a team and school with our families. I have printed and combined all of the class plans and activities to use as a great resource book for early childhood teachers and/or parents. I must say it is really impressive and indicative of the high caliber team of professional staff and teachers that we have at Faith Preschool & Kindergarten. But more importantly, we sincerely love our preschool children, parents and families. We hope that you feel that love each and every day, but especially throughout this uncertain time.

As challenging as this is for all of us, God may be using this time to reconnect our families and strengthen the family unit and bond between us all as a school. As you continue to serve the role as your child’s first teacher, be mindful that children feel stress just like we do. Please know that Brad, Trinity and myself are always here to help, encourage, and comfort you or your child. So please reach out to me if you just need to chat or pray together.

As we move forward to April, Sandy and I ask that you continue to mail in your 2020-21 tuition contract and supply fee for next year, so we can further budget for the upcoming school year. As Brad indicated in his parent letter, we are asking our parents to pay tuition for two weeks in April. You may hang on to the summer camp registration forms and fees until we have a solid answer when school will resume this year and the summer camp dates can once again be confirmed.

I continue to pray and hope that we will all be together soon. Until then, we are forever connected through our hearts. 


Take care & enjoy your weekend!

Beverly Sims

School Director

Faith Preschool & Kindergarten

2200 N. Meridian Road

Tallahassee, Fl  32303

(850) 385-0725

(850) 510-3827 cell


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