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Special Thanks!

A special thanks to the Alumni committee moderator Cindy Parry and to our Preschool Alumni Association committee for their hard work in putting together the 60th anniversary celebration. It was so much fun to enjoy the fellowship with our church and preschool family, friends, and alumni.

Thank you to:

Cindy Parry, moderator, Ginny Dailey, Brad Clayton, Sandy Hartsfield, Sue Mills, Allison Van Iddekinge, Allison Denny, Lois Kennedy, Kati Fannin, Julie Cosper, Beverly Sims,, Sarah Ann Dailey, Whitney Burleson, Will Armistead, Susan Brodbeck, Paige McKee, Claudia Nelson, Holly Pursino, Jen Swerdzewski, Bevin Steverson, & Vicki Fannin.


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