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Step Up for Students Scholarship


Faith Preschool & Kindergarten is an approved school to offer the STEP UP FOR STUDENTS scholarships to qualified families and students.

For more information, please checkout the SUFS website at

Faith Preschool currently has eight families participating with the SUFS scholarship programs and they have been very pleased and successful with the options provided for their child. One scholarship (Gardiner Scholarship) helps those children with special needs and the other scholarship (FTC) is income based. Please talk to Beverly in the office if you would like more information.

Faith Preschool & Kindergarten also offers financial assistance to families from the Scott Dailey preschool scholarship fund. Please contact Beverly or the preschool office if you think you may qualify or would like more information.

For further information on Social Media   –

Facebook :  StepUp4Students

Twitter :  @StepUp4Students

Scholarship Hotline: 877-735-7837

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