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Tiskets & Taskets: April 2022

Dear Wonderful Parents,

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23

Spring is here and so is the time to begin sowing seeds in our gardens and also in the hearts of our children. Every day is a chance to teach our children the fruits of the Spirit, with our words, actions, and attitudes. God has chosen you as the perfect parent for your child and He will equip you to lead His precious little one through life. As you go about your day, stop and reflect on these “fruits” with your child. Notice out loud when you see them show kindness or self-control. Point out the times they have been patient and thank the Lord for moments of peace and joy. Continue to water these seeds you have planted and watch your child blossom as they grow! With love, Allison Lee

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


Class News

Two Year Olds with Ms. Fenstermaker and Ms. Baker

Happy April! We are loving this wonderful warm weather here in the two’s and have made the most of it by planting some beautiful flowers together as a class. You can see them outside our little playground blooming happily. The children have enjoyed filing up watering cans and watering them each day to keep them healthy. They learned that flowers need soil, sunshine, and water to grow. We just finished up our bug unit, as well. The kids loved playing with the different kinds of bugs and learning what they’re called. We even found some of our own outside, including butterflies, a caterpillar, and a stink bug.

As we look into April we are getting ready for Easter, and with that, parties and egg hunts! We are excited to celebrate with the children on the 13th and 14th and go hunting for eggs. We will also be talking about the reason why we celebrate Easter, Jesus rising again, and singing our chapel song Ho-ho-ho-hosanna.

Two Year Olds with Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Roberts

April is going to be a fun and busy month in our classroom. We will kick off the month with our first chapel with family invited! We are so glad we finally get the chance to experience schoolwide chapel, we hope parents will love it as much as students and teachers do.

Spring and Easter are a celebration of Jesus and new life! We will learn about eggs, baby animals, and Easter. We will practice positional words (inside, outside, above, below) which your children are already familiar with in our daily prayer, using eggs. This is also a great unit to focus on the Oval shape. I especially love the Spring unit because it brings such light and color to our classroom. The children will be using lots of pastel shades and watercolors. Make sure to notice our windows with the bright Easter crosses they’ve already made as we introduced the Easter story! Our Easter Egg Hunt will be on April 13th at 11, following our Easter party snack.

May is just around the corner, so we will be spending the last week of the month working on Mother’s Day gifts. These projects will be keeping with the Spring unit as well! We hope our moms can join us on May 6th in our classroom at 8:45 for ‘Muffins for Moms.’

Three Year Olds with Mrs. Larkin and Ms. Fannin

It was so nice to see our little friends come back from spring break sharing news about trips and many fun adventures! March brought several joys as we learned about life on the farm and ending our month with the beginning sights of spring. We would like to thank Ramond’s grandmother for the generous donations to the classroom and for Everly’s mom for being our reading buddy and sharing a book for the children to enjoy.

April brings us sharing the wonderful story of Easter and exploring in the garden, planting and discovering bugs and butterflies that are out this time of year. We will be learning about the life cycle of the butterfly, many fun facts about bugs and observing and caring for the living things around us. Spring brings the classroom outdoors with fun activities in the water table, a flower shop in the sandbox and experiencing symmetry painting in the garden with many colors. The children always have a blast with outside art! Our colors, shape and number of the month will be pastels, number 9 (nueve) and the shape diamond.

As we move through the month, we will be having a planting day on April 11th and ask if each family could please bring in a sun-loving plant for the children to care for in the garden. Also, we will be having our Easter party and egg hunt on April 13th and we ask if each child could please bring in 10 plastic filled eggs and a basket for our Easter fun!

Three Year Olds with Mrs. Marsh and Mrs. Rowan

During the first two weeks of March, we studied life on the Farm! The first week we learned about all the animals that live on a farm. We learned about groups of 5 (ducks, frogs, pigs) and the letter F. The kids particularly liked “milking” cows with gloves full of milk and getting messy playing in the mud (chocolate pudding) with toy pigs. Thanks to George and his family we got to visit with Margaret, their pet chicken! Also thank you to Harper and her family for providing the materials to make a delicious piggy bagel snack!

The second week on the farm, we learned about produce and dairy products that come from farms. We turned the kitchen area into a Farmer’s market – measuring, buying, and selling our fruits and veggies. During science/cooking, the kids enjoyed making homemade butter from cream and then tasting it! A big thanks to Wilder and his family for giving us fresh fruits and vegetables to study and sample. We had fun making homemade juice in the juicer. Wilder’s mom even took us to the Manna Garden to look at the wonderful vegetables, spices, and flowers in bloom. It was a real treat!

With the beginning of April, we will be celebrating the glorious season of Easter and the Risen Lord!

Four Year Olds with Mrs. Bearss and Mrs. Jacobs

Hello! How can it possibly be April already?! The time flies when you’re having fun!This month we will finish up teaching the last two letters of the alphabet: letters I and J. After that, we are in full review mode for the remaining of the year! Literacy lessons this month will be focusing on breaking words apart into syllables and also putting words together as compound words. For Math, we are reviewing more heavily recognizing and writing the numbers 11 through 20 and introducing the concept of 3-D shapes. If your child is not confident in their number recognition of 1 - 10, this is a great skill to practice at home! Uno is a fun and well known game that most kids this age are capable of learning and really enjoy. Even using a traditional deck of cards, kids can practice matching number and color/suit. Our Spring Discovery units are in plants growing, animals changing, and composting. We took an impromptu walk to the community Manna Garden on Friday at the back of the church property. The kids saw lots of vegetables and flowers growing and we discovered the compost pile! This has inspired our classroom to start composting as well so that we can add it to the community garden! Bonus: ask your children about our new classroom additions when you get a chance!

This week we will begin discussing Easter in earnest! What an incredible time of year to look at the miracles and love that our God shows us every day, the most important of which is the of course the gift of his son, Jesus!

Thank you all for everything you do! As always, reach out with questions or concerns!

Four Year Olds with Mrs. Cherry and Mrs. Poucher

It is hard to believe that it is already April. This month is all about God’s Spring Blessings. Our garden area is filled with new plant life and the weather has been filled with Spring showers but also plenty of sunshine. We are keeping a watchful eye on Blue Bird eggs that are in our birdhouse and hoping to see our tadpoles develop into frogs over the next few weeks. Soon, we will be planting in our garden and learning more about plants and insects that live there.

We look forward to celebrating our greatest gift of all as we wait with eager anticipation for Easter and what it means to our faith. Our Easter Egg Hunt & Party will be on Tuesday April 12th. There will be more fun ahead and we celebrate our Dads and Moms throughout the next few weeks. We are finishing up our last 4 letters…W, X, Y, Z! Woohoo! These last two months are going to be so much fun!

Four Year Olds with Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Engelker

Happy April! This month we will be learning about the letters W, X, Y, and Z. The children are excited to finish their Alphabet books and bring them home to show you all of their hard work.

Our themes will include Easter, Earth Day, and The Farm. We will have a special guest come in and tell the Easter story with Resurrection Eggs. Our Easter egg hunt will be on the 13th at 9:00am by the gazebo.

Thank you to the Branham and Evans families for providing our Easter party snack. We were lucky enough to watch a bird nest being constructed on our patio, see the bird eggs and carefully get a peek at the baby birds! Spring is so amazing! Thank you for all of the contributions made to our classroom and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Kindergarten with Mrs. Hamrick and Mrs. McConnaughhay

Kindergarten had a great time in outer space! They learned all about the planets, made space books and will be performing a short Space program to send to all the parents. As we enter the month of April, we will be learning about the Easter story, having an Easter egg hunt, and celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. Then, we will focus on Spring, flowers, learning how seeds/plants grow and we will end the month performing our traditional Circus program. In math, we will continue learning about time to the half hour. The children enjoy looking at the clock and practicing telling time. We will also learn about measurement this month, continue working on sight words, and how to write a “spicy” sentence in our journals.

Music with Mrs. Lloyd

We are really getting into the swing of spring in Music this month. Our main musical concept for the month is Melody - sequences of notes that make up a song! This pairs nicely with our other main focus: preparing our music for the Spring Program!

The students have spent time learning songs to sing together in our monthly Chapel service. We are excited to share our music with parents who are able to attend!

As we begin to wind down the school year, we are expanding our musical exploration in all of our classes. The two-year-olds are focusing on a variety of instrument play paired with learning more sign language. The older classes are discovering new instruments, and beginning to play more complex musical patterns.

This month we will be singing about spring, nature, and Easter - as we look forward to celebrating together!

Faith Presbyterian Preschool

Tuition contracts are due at this time along with the supply fee for next year. Please bring that into the preschool. If you are not planning on returning please let us know in the office so that we may fill your spot with those on our wait list.

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